Personal Training, Nutrition Advice & Lifestyle Strategy...

Get Fit for Purpose PT is a London based personal training company founded by professionally qualified REPS Level 4 fitness trainer and nutrition adviser, Anna Keeble.

Why employ a Get Fit for Purpose personal trainer:

  • Our training options will help you to look, feel and perform better
  • We will deliver defined results to you in an agreed time frame
  • Our in-depth consultation enables us to design a tailor-made training programme
  • We offer an holistic approach to your exercise, nutrition and lifestyle, understanding that seeing you face-to-face for a few hours each week is just the tip of the iceberg
  • Our well equipped studio offers a safe and private environment in which to exercise. There is also the option to train at home or in a local park
  • We provide an interactive online support service to monitor your progress and help you to stay focussed
  • We are not intimidating, nor do we judge. We are here solely to help and support you