The starting point for all potential personal training clients is the consultation where we assess your current level of health, define your goals and outline what you would like to achieve.

The health and fitness tests include checking your weight, body fat composition and blood pressure, as well as assessing any postural weaknesses, muscle imbalances and current aerobic fitness levels. This data provide us with a benchmark from which to measure your progression as well as the information we need to design a tailormade training programme.

Following on from this we will set achievable goals and adapt ongoing programmes to suit our clients’ individual requirements.

Each one hour session includes a warm up, your personalised programme and a cool down with stretching. Your training programme will continually change and evolve to reflect your fitness gains and to maintain variety and interest!

Our programmes will incorporate a variety of effective training equipment and methods to ensure you reach your maximum potential. Equipment may include; kettlebells, dumbbells, medicine balls, swiss balls, boxing, resistance bands, barbells as well as body weight exercises. Although friendly we are not a light touch and will push you to your limits to ensure your goals are achieved.