We have designed an online support programme that will enable you to not only track your progress over an 8 week period but also have your intake of food checked daily.

For all our clients wanting to lose body fat, about 60% of their success will depend on their diet and the rest on their exercise and body make up. Through our online food diary we will ensure that you are eating the right foods at the right times to achieve your goals. Getting the right micro and macro nutrients from your diet is of paramount importance to all our clients, whatever their goals.

Our client login area is split into the following sections;

  • Personal Information
  • Key Goals
  • Vital Statistics
  • Fitness Testing
  • Health
  • Postural Analysis
  • Food Diary
  • Training Homework

Clients who sign up to either of the 8 week programmes will have access to this service. We will hold your hand throughout the whole training period to ensure we and you are doing everything that is required to achieve your goals.