Society West - 18th Oct 2011

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Calling all Yummy Mummies

To compliment this week’s STYLE feature on maternity wear, SW thought it was only fit to promote staying fit during pregnancy… because a healthy you has never been more important.

Your body goes through a huge amount of change and stress during pregnancy, so it’s important to aid the process with physical activity. Anna Keeble, of Get Fit for Purpose PT, explains that exercise during pregnancy can help your body get back into shape quicker and always helps with general self-esteem and confidence!

Get Fit for Purpose PT tailor their exercise regimes to the trimester, but in the 2nd and 3rd they focus predominantly on core, pelvic floor and posture which includes a variety of strengthening exercises. The centre of gravity changes during pregnancy and this can play all sorts of havoc with women’s posture. Strong abs, core, pelvic floor all help with birth.

During pregancy, the body changes so much, and many women feel more in control of those changes and happier with them if they are taking some exercise. Founder Anna suggests there are a whole host of reasons why exercise is good during pregnancy, including improved circulation and enhanced muscular balance (which can help relieve back ache and general muscle/ join soreness as a result of postural changes).

Country & Town House Magazine - 1st Aug 2011

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Fit For Purpose

If you want something unique, you’ve got no choice but to go bespoke and that includes your physical shape. No, we’re not talking about bum lifts (at least not yet), but personal training.

It’s all very well pounding away at the gym or doing classes, but who really knows what your individual body (and mind) needs? Step forward Anna Keeble, ex-city girl, who hung up her kitten heels for boxing gloves, to the delight (and fear) of her well-heeled clients.

A regime with Anna encompasses looking at all aspect of your lifestyle, including diet, in order for her to construct a programme of exercise tailored just for you. That means, provided you stick to it – Whether you’re training for a marathon or just want to shape up post baby, like me – results are pretty much guaranteed.

She likes to work you hard, mind, knowing intuitively just how much further she can push you, cleverly honing any competitive urges you may have. Each session ends with a combination of elation and exhaustion, and you know (unlike the gym), that next time is going to be different and that bit harder. There is nothing like a personal trainer to push you to your limits – and sometimes beyond.

Anna will train you at home, a local park or at her Fulham based studio at ML Chiropractic, which offers Chiropractic, massage and nutritional advice.
07879 818 876,

Anna Top tips for staying motivated;
1. start small and set goals,
2. be sure to have a clear training programme and dedicate the time to it,
3. make sure you have the right clothing – it can make you feel confident, focused and inspired,
4. listen to music – we all have our favourite music to get us started.

Chic City Living - 25th Nov 2010

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After a long day at work exercise is often the last think you want to think about. Increasingly busy and high pressure lifestyles mean it’s often hard to find the time or the motivation to stick to a regular exercise routine. That’s why Anna Keeble set up her personal training company Get Fit For Purpose PT. Having worked in the city Anna is all too aware of the effect of stress on the body. The company offers an holistic approach to its personal training programs providing clients with advice about exercise, nutrition and their lifestyle. Anna tells us more about Get Fit For Purpose and shares her tips on how to fit exercise into your daily routine.

Can you tell us a a bit about why you started Get Fit For Purpose?

I have always enjoyed exercise in one form or another and recognised that I was at my happiest and most productive when I was in good shape both physically and mentally. I came from quite a high pressured job in the City so know and understand the effects that stress can have on the body. Through my own experiences I recognised the value of exercise in relieving these levels of stress and improving the body’s ability to cope. I wanted to pass this on to others.

In addition to personal training you also offer nutrition and lifestyle advice. Could you tell us more about the types of services you provide?

We offer all potential clients a free hour-long consultation where we check their current health and fitness levels with a series of tests. We’ll check their blood pressure, resting heart rate and body fat composition. We also carry out a detailed postural analysis because we believe that your posture can have a significant impact on your physical and mental state as well as affecting how quickly you will achieve your goals.

We ask all new clients to keep a food and sleep diary for one week to ensure they are getting the right nutrients in their diet and eating the right foods at the right time to achieve their goals. Giving the body enough rest time is also crucial. We go through sleep patterns with our clients to see if diet is affecting their sleep. We also give them important tips for improving their sleeping patterns.

In order to deal with stress on a daily basis and to ensure our clients achieve their goals as quickly as possible we recommend they do specific exercise routines outside of our session, which are tailor-made to their needs. This goes back to our core belief that a couple of hours a week will not be enough for most people to achieve their goals so we encourage clients to do work outside of our sessions.

In your experience what are the biggest challenges people face when trying to get fit and improve their lifestyle?

A lack of time and a resistance to change seem to be the biggest obstacles our clients have to overcome. We work with our clients to identify and work beyond these obstacles ensuring they can juggle the demands of their lifestyle so they have time to devote to exercise.

Many people come to us fearful we are going to make drastic changes that will completely overwhelm them and that all enjoyment in their lives will cease. This of course is never the case. We do push our clients to make changes and we are not a light touch but we will always explain why we are making the changes. For many of our clients we work in stages so that it is a gradual process.

As soon as an exercise routine has become “normal” you are more likely to stick to it. If, however you’re bombarded with changes the chances are they will last a week or two and then you’ll revert back. We want our clients to achieve their goals so setting short term goals makes things achievable and each time a goal is reached we push further.

What advice do you have for someone who is thinking about starting a fitness program?

Find a form of exercise that you enjoy. The moment exercise becomes boring or a chore even the most highly motivated people will struggle. You need to work hard, yes, but it’s okay to enjoy it too! It’s important to set realistic goals and a time frame in which to achieve them – lots of small, short term goals leading up to your main big goal. Find a friend to train with or a team to join. If you have someone else relying on you to turn up at a given time you’re more likely to do so.

Are there any simple ways we can incorporate exercise into our daily routine?

We all have very busy lives and are constantly being pulled in all directions. We often think we have no time for exercise but 10 or 20 minutes here and there can really make a difference – getting off your bus a stop early and walking home or getting up 15 minutes earlier and doing a short exercise routine before you jump in the shower to go to work.

You can include exercise within the most mundane of tasks. For example, I sometimes ask my clients to do squats whilst cleaning their teeth or to do two sets of 10 press-ups during the adverts when they are watching television. These are simple things but everybody is different so we work with our clients to find what will work best for them. We can design mini bespoke routines, which ensure you focus on the areas you particularly want to work on.

Thanks for talking to us Anna. To find out more about Get Fit For Purpose PT and how you can kick-start your exercise routine visit

The Works - 20th Nov 2010

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Are you Fit for Purpose?

It’s cold. It’s dark. It may even be raining. You’ve just finished another long day in the office chasing coverage and meeting deadlines and the first thing you think of is: ‘I’d just love an hour in the gym’. Right?

We’re guessing that whatever your good intentions circa January 1st, keeping that resolution to get fit in 2011 might be wearing pretty thin (unlike your waistline) by now.

However, according to Anna Keeble, ex-Financial PR and former ‘The Works’ candidate, getting in shape might do as much for your career as for your body.

“PR is often a high-pressured, deadline-orientated and results-driven environment. As a consequence, stress levels tend to be higher than in many other professions,’ she says. ‘I know from personal experience that I was at my happiest and most productive when I was in good shape – physically and mentally, and that regular exercise was key in relieving stress levels and optimising the body’s ability to cope,” admits Anna.

So integral is this link between mind and body that Anna has set up a new personal training company, aptly named Get Fit For Purpose PT. “Having been involved in stressful City jobs I am ideally placed to understand the kind of pressures our clients’ experience, such as lack of time and having to navigate booze-and-food-fuelled PR /corporate events. We are able to create a bespoke nutrition and fitness programme tailored to their specific needs and lifestyles,” continues Anna. Anna’s top tips for the active PR

  • PRs are brilliant at juggling competing deadlines. Make exercise a priority and you’ll soon find where to find the time for it by displacing less productive activities, like Angry Birds. We’re not saying give up that Facebook fetish or don’t watch the entire box set, just cut back…
  • Nutrition is an important part of Get Fit For Purpose PT’s holistic approach. Drinking too much coffee is bad. Eating small and regular meals, up to 6 a day is good. Filling your face on expenses, bad. Eating lots of fruit and veg, good. (You get the picture). If you’re required to attend regular client or corporate events after hours, cut down on the alcohol and steer clear of the nibbles. Eating sensibly before you go out will save you splurging on unwanted calories later on.
  • Sleep yourself fit. It might sound too good to be true, but sleep does play a vital part in getting ‘fit for purpose’. Diet, for example, can impact negatively (and positively) on sleep. Giving the body enough rest time is also crucial, allowing the body to repair and provide enough energy to perform physically and intellectually to optimum levels. If you’ve had one or two late nights in the week, compensate by getting to bed early on others.
  • We’re a sociable bunch us PRs, so if you want to succeed in getting fit then you’re more likely to do it in company. Invite your friends for a run. Fit in yoga before the office. Get the boss to pay for lunchtime aerobics on the grounds that they will have a more motivated and productive staff. Be prepared for the latter being slightly harder to achieve…
  • PR can be a very sedentary and cerebral occupation, so you need to make an effort to get more active. You’ll be surprised how quickly you can build up to the desired 30 minutes a day of exercise by snatching 5 minutes here and there. Running up the stairs rather than taking the lift. Offering to do the coffee run. Getting off the bus or tube a stop earlier. It all adds up.

Anna is also keen to stress the benefits of a fit workforce to employers, citing “improved health, alertness and well being, increased employee retention, greater productivity, less absenteeism and improved staff morale amongst them,” and offers corporate training programmes to suit.

If you or your business would like to ‘Get Fit for Purpose’, then check out their website at: or call Anna on 07879 818876.

Hammersmith & Fulham News - 4th May 2010